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Effortless Forgiveness

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I have a very different take on forgiveness. I think it's one of the most innate things we do. If we can't forgive it's because we are still being hurt. In this Masterclass Series you will discover how to create tapping scripts that shift your energy and allows others to shift too.


Part 1: Conflict Avoidance

How to use tapping to shift the stuck energy between yourself and another person that blocks forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the easiest thing we can do. It’s about how we don’t have to force forgiveness. It’s about letting forgiveness be our state of being – effortless forgiveness. To do that we have to deal with our fear of confrontation.

The tapping script will help us dissolve our need by changing the energy between those involved.

If you tap and that specific person doesn’t change then it’s not about you.

Conflict Avoidance
    Conflict Avoidance Script.pdf
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    Part 2: Disentangle Yourself from Guru Imitation

    The new-age propaganda creates rules and expectations that we feel we have failed in being a good and decent person because we can’t make ourselves forgive someone.

    Become free of beliefs that don’t naturally align to you. Peel off absorbed expectations. Disentangle yourself from Guru Imitation. Stop giving your power to an expert.

    The tapping script will allow you to let go of what you don’t believe in and come back to your truth.

    Disentangle Yourself from Guru Imitation
      Disentangle Yourself From Guru Imitation.pdf
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      Part 3: Emotional Harbouring

      Our resentment. Our hurt. Our disappointment. Our sense of rejection, betrayal and abandonment. Our shame and humiliation.  If we can’t forgive because we won’t let go of our feelings that’s our responsibility and that’s when we need to work through our pain so we can reach a point where forgiveness is possible. The key is that forgiveness is the most natural thing we do. We don’t have to make ourselves forgive anyone. We will feel forgiveness once we experience it all differently. Sometimes it will come with an apology. Sometimes because we let go of the relationship. Time doesn’t really heal. Process our pain heals. Time gives us perspective. A change in perspective allows us to heal.

      Saying: Time heals all wounds.

      It’s harbouring resentment. It’s harbouring expectations. It’s harbouring rules and conditions – the should, meant to be aspects. It’s becoming over-attached to our pain. And it’s our need to feel wounded to prove how hurt we are.

      The tapping script has to be about letting go of our pain.

      I need to put in something about resentment that is about not forgiving someone for what they did to another. It’s not for us to harbour that anger. It’s actually easier for us to forgive people for what they did to us than it is for us to forgive someone for what they did to someone we love. It’s not our place to hold such resentment we need to deal with that.

      Emotional Harbouring
        Emotional Harbouring Exercise Sheet.pdf
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        Emotional Harbouring Tapping Script.pdf
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        Part 4: Agent of Change

        Real change. We have to be different and so does the other person. When we are different forgiveness is possible.

        Mutual change. We have to have the experience of mutual change. We have to act differently. We have to think differently. We have to let the other person be. We have to want nothing from them. If we want them in our lives we have to accept them as they are. If they want to change then allowing for that change, recognising the change and the effort is what happens. Once the source of the pain has gone you will naturally come into the space of forgiveness because there’s nothing there to hold against anyone.

        Agent of Change
          Agent of Change.pdf
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          Part 5: Self-forgiveness

          I think that one of the BIGGEST blocks to forgiveness is our inability to forgive ourselves. This class will explore lots of the reasons we can’t forgive ourselves and help us learn to forgive the choices we made, the situations we found ourselves in, for being a child and not knowing any different, for trusting someone, for not picking up the signs, for having to learn a lesson, for our own expectations, rules and conditioning and the huge impact adultifying our child-self has on keeping us locked in self-blame, self-loathing and self-reproach.

            Self Forgiveness Tapping Script.pdf
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